Shelki Healing enables you to embrace, explore and expand the real you through sacred sexuality.  This healing approach combines energy healing, sound, mindfulness, meditation and core principles of tantric massage. Shelki Healing allows you explore aspects of your body and sexuality in a relaxed, sacred and honoured way. The session supports self discovery by  connecting with the mind and body on a physical and energetic level, with no end goal you can embrace and explore and be present with the real you.

What is the structure of the session?

The session includes:

  • setting intention and boundaries
  • communicating your needs
  • experience of breath work and mindfulness
  • opening  the Chakra and energy centres
  • receiving touch and tantric based massage
  • being honoured for being you

Is there a consultation before the session?

Before booking (or before the first session) there is an opportunity for a FREE 15 minute phone or  Skype/Zoom call.  This a general consultation and a chance to ask any questions.

How long is a session?

The session is 3 hours.  A phone or online consultation with Lorri before will explain more about the session and support your experience.

Will I be naked?

You are welcome to wear a sarong for as much of the session as you want. To gain the most from the session and to embrace all its benefits it is advisable to remove as much clothing as you feel comfortable with.

What is tantric massage?

The principles of tantric massage is very much at the core of Shelki healing. It includes tantric massage rituals and ceremonies and specific tantric massage techniques.  With consent, the sessions for the feminine includes a Yoni Massage and for the masculine a Lingam Massage. There is also the opportunity to explore breast and anal massage along with exploring the breath, sound, energy, mediation and mindfulness.

To discuss how Shelki Healing could support you please contact me to book FREE 15 minute online Connection Call


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Embrace your sexuality by receiving Shelki Healing. A healing approach that combines the physical, energetic and spiritual through breath, energy and bodywork.


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