Work with Lorri


Embrace your sexuality by working with your energy to discover what is stopping you from embracing the real you. Five simple self help steps that can change your energy and your life.


Embrace your sexuality by receiving Shelki Healing. A healing approach that combines the physical, energetic and spiritual through breath, energy and bodywork.


Sexuality for All

The Hara Project allows people to celebrate sexuality as a natural and healthy part of life. It supports and empowers through creativity, energy, spirituality and self-connection.


Lorraine is intuitive and passionate about championing others. Her honesty, willingness to be open and vulnerable and her straight talking make her stand out .... in a hugely positive way. She is warm, honest, sensitive, has a great sense of humour.

S Winsbury

The Shelki Healing massage offered is refreshing and stimulating awakening to my senses which was pleasurable and good for my health and wellbeing, it had the added benefit of complete relaxation in a beautifully presented space which enhances the experience.

John Richards

Lorri is extremely intuitive and stands out because she is accepting of all and helps all those around her. She is open, transparent caring and an all-round very, very lovely and loving person.

S Thompson

I enjoyed the Shelki Healing which was indeed a mind body experience. I felt so connected and at peace with myself and became more aware of my body. Anyone thinking of having a Shelki Healing I would highly recommend it – I will definitely be returning.

Ivon Whitmore

Thank you. You are really intuitive, you have a way of 'seeing' someone and knowing what is going on underneath in ways other people might not spot.

You stand out for your very realness and being very warm, open and massively generous hearted, with a brilliant cheeky twinkle.

F Whitfield