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Welcome to your Connection Workshop

This workshop is all about connecting to you and your energy.

Tantra is very much based in self connection and self awareness. It is about understanding your energy and your own life force. In this workshop you will be connecting to mind, body, and soul.  You will reclaim and reunite your energy, and your physical body, with tantra based practices. You will connect with mindfulness to be more present with each experience and all of the practices you can use again and again in your every day life.

Within the workshop there are 7 different breathwork activities that really help you explore the benefits of breathing, and how it can help you connect to different parts of your body and energy . These practices include working with the energy of the head, heart and hara, life force energy, yin and yang and the chakra’s .

There is also a self touch practice which guides you through exploring your face, upper chest and hands. The connection created in this activity can be replicated on any part of the body and supports connection, sensation and exploration.

The workshop finishes with a beautiful mediation which draws all the energy of the workshop together.

PLEASE NOTE – It is suggested as part of the workshop you journal and make notes about each activity. There is a lot of information in the workshop and journaling and note taking will give you something to go back to at a later date, if you need to.


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  • Beginner
  • 1 Hours
  • 10 points
  • February 4, 2021 12:10 am
Course Curriculum

13 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Connection Workshop | Introduction 10 points
Breathwork | Activity: Life Force 10 points
Induction | Head, Heart and Hara 10 points
Breathwork | Hara Energy 10 points
Physical Connection | Activity: Self Touch 10 points
Breathwork | Activity: Alternating Breath 10 points
Breathwork | Activity: Nostril Breath 10 points
Breathwork | Activity: Sound Breath 10 points
Reflection | Breathwork 10 points
Breathwork | Activity: Yin and Yang 10 points
Breathwork | Activity: Kundalini Chakra 10 points
Meditation | Activity: Life Force 10 points
Thank you | Close 10 points
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