Tantric Connection offers a journey of self-discovery and connection to your energetic and physical body. Tantra has many misconceptions but in essence, it is about connecting to your life force. Sexual energy is everything we are and when in flow we are connected to our mind, body and soul. 

Through meditation, embodiment practices, tantric practices, massage and energy work, you will begin a journey of connection and self-discovery. Rest assured, that consent, boundaries and communication are discussed and respected at all times. 

It is important to understand that energy work of this nature has no specific goal or destination but an open exploration of self discovery and connection.

 Before we start, there is a short consultation and an opportunity to ask questions, discuss the practices and importantly set boundaries. 



After the consultation, we begin with some breath work and other practices to connect you to your energy, mind, body and soul. This is an opportunity for you to relax into the present moment and expand your energy and create a conscious connection to yourself.

As part of this connection there is an offering of meditation, body honouring, chakra alignment and breath work. These practices move you from your head to your heart and allow you to hear the whispers in your body. You will learn to be more connected and present with your energetic and physical body and understand how to embrace it. 




The massage and embodiment practices are designed to move your energy through your body, helping you release limitations, unwanted emotions and blockages. There is an opportunity to surrender and connect back to the true you.

The massage is different for every individual and you may connect with different emotions, thoughts and reactions within your mind and body. It is an opportunity to feel into your energy and align to it, and discover new possibilities within you. At all times, consent, boundaries and communication are encouraged and honoured. 

For a male body there is an offering to receive a lingam (genital) and prostate massage and for a female body there is an offering to receive a breast massage and yoni (external and/or internal vaginal) massage.  These are only if you are ready to receive and with consent, boundaries and communication. 

The massage is a healing, heartful, conscious and respectful experience with no expectations and no goal other than to be present and honour yourself in each moment. This massage works to reawaken, connect and heal your sexual energy. 

Please see the FAQ page for some more information or contact me directly.



Investment – £270 for 3 hours

Lorraine is a highly qualified coach in mindfulness and meditation and in a range of massage techniques including Holistic and Sports Massage. She has successfully trained in Tantric Massage and is a qualified Reiki and Rahanni practitioner. She is also trained and mentors in the Energy Alignment Method.

The combination of these mind and body practices work in absolute harmony with each other, ensuring a deep connection to your energy and physical body.