A safe and guided space for you and your partner to explore tantric massage. The session starts with a consultation where there is an opportunity to talk to each other, ask questions, discuss the massage, set boundaries and prevent limit any miscommunication.

As a couple will be guided through the session with a focus on you connecting you to each other energy through loving and conscious touch.

A shared experience in gaining conscious access to expanding energy, connecting to each other and experiencing energy flowing freely.

The massage is delivered to meet your needs in a softly light space with a warm safe ambiance and is very relaxing. Candles, incense and relaxing music softy played in the

For the massage the couples would normally be naked, and as a couple you would be guided through rituals, meditations, body honouring, breath work, chakra alignment and grounding touch supporting each other to immerse into the space and unite before the massages.

In turn each partner will lay on their front and oil would be used to massage and spread and move energy over the body.  You will be shown a range of techniques to support connecting with your partner though touch and this can, with  consent, include the genital area.


Sessions: 6 hour

Free 15 minute consultation online

Lorraine has attended both weekend workshops and residential training in Tantric Massage and completed private study. Lorraine is a qualified coach in mindfulness and medication and qualified in a range of massage techniques including Holistic and Sports Massage. She is also trained and mentors in the Energy Alignment Method and qualified in Reiki and Rahanni.