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The Sexual Empowerment Liberator

Lorraine Crookes

Giving Voice, Visibility and Connection to Sexual Energy

Lorraine Crookes, The Sexual Empowerment Liberator, gives voice, visibility and connection to sexual energy. For over two decades Lorraine struggled with depression, anxiety, fear, guilt and shame. After a long journey of self-discovery Lorraine realised that at the core of her despair and misery was a life-long struggle with sexuality, sensuality and sexual energy. Recognising this changed her life beyond all recognition.

Lorraine is a qualified and advanced practitioner working with mindfulness, meditation, tantric massage, energy healing and other modalities. Lorraine supports people to connect with their sexual energy without fear, shame and self judgement. She has helped people struggling with issues such as relationships, mental health, body trauma, abuse, medical conditions and sexuality.

As an expert in her field, Lorraine has liberated hundreds of people to connect to their sexual energy and celebrate who they are, profoundly changing their life.


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A thought provoking, fun and insightful presentation on how sexual energy is the core to every successful business.

An inspiringly funny, and educationally empowering story of how Lorraine found herself and her mission!

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