Connection Coaching provides a bespoke service that moves you forward in self discovery and connection. It uses different approaches and techniques, supporting you to develop and connect to your mind, body and soul creating new possibilities in the relationship with yourself and others. 

If you are in a place of fear, shame and self-judgement, feel broken, have resistance and barriers blocking your relationship with yourself and others then Connection Coaching can help unlock and unblock your unique life force.  

Shelki supports people struggling with medical conditions, mental health, relationship breakdowns, inhibitions, phobias, addictions, survivors of abuse, and more.

Shelki educates and inspires all ages, sexualities and genders by breaking down taboos, opening up conversations and connecting people back to their sexual essence. 

If you feel that Connection Coaching and mentoring could help you move forwards in your life and relationships (either with yourself and/or others)  then please book an EXPLORATION CALL to discuss your next steps and we can explore how I can support you.