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This was one of the most relaxing and memorable experiences of my life. I was quite nervous before going to see Lorri  as I had no idea what to expect. We had a chat and she put me at ease. I enjoyed the Shelki Healing which was indeed a mind body experience. I felt so connected and at peace with myself and became more aware of my body. Anyone thinking of having a Shelki Healing I would highly recommend it – I will definitely be returning.

NIk Oakes 

Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you  for your EAM session! I knew it was powerful stuff anyway but how you deliver it with your own expertise, understanding and empathy is beyond words! The connection you have with what you do is phenomenal – you’re definitely on this planet for this reason 💕

You delved so deep that we uncovered things that I was totally clueless were in my energy, but woooow did they make sense! I’ve carried this behaviour burden unnecessarily my whole life – at 45 I get to understand it. That’s crazy!

We released and replaced the ridiculous amount of toxic self doubt with love. I’d never have been able to say out loud that I love myself before but now I say it easily and I mean it.

Lorri – I wish you so much success and love for your 2019 and future – I know you’re going to be a very busy lady and I also know our paths will continue to cross.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for releasing the shame, fear, guilt and general shite from my energy and replacing it with love, compassion and excitement and above all freedom to feel I can (almost!) fearlessly move forwards now. Come on – we can’t be totally fearless can we lol – a little bit of it is still healthy 😉

Thank you Beautiful! 💕💕


My time with Lorri provides a safe space for me to be the real me. Living life as a transgender male can be difficult and Lorri provides me a space to explore who i am both in my physical body and my thoughts. She is accepting on every level and at no point have i ever felt  shame or judgement. Lorri is an excellent massage therapaist and healer.


Thank you for my appointment today. It is always a space I can escape the day to day life stress, enjoying a 1-2-1 environment and be me. The power of your touch and how you move energy enlightens the soul and I have really started to understand mine more.  Its an amazing space where I can relax and be open in a personal environment, confidentiality is also an advantage.
The new cabin environment adds something very special and oozes peace and tranquility, and is beautifully presented. I look forward to my next visit and thank you for your care and support.


Embrace your sexuality by working with your energy to discover what is stopping you from embracing the real you. Five simple self help steps that can change your energy and your life.


Embrace your sexuality by receiving Shelki Healing. A healing approach that combines the physical, energetic and spiritual through breath, energy and bodywork.


Sexuality for All

The Hara Project allows people to celebrate sexuality as a natural and healthy part of life. It supports and empowers through creativity, energy, spirituality and self-connection.