Meet Lorri

Energy and Sacred Sexuality Practitioner

A heart centred celebration of sexuality that embraces, empowers, explores and expands your enegry to be the real you


Sexuality is a beautiful and natural part of who we are. By owning and aligning to our sexuality, we can promote positive mental health and live a happier and healthier life. The taboos of sexuality often hold us back from celebrating our true self and preventing us from embracing life and all it has to offer.


For over 25 years, I struggled with many aspects of my sexuality.  At times I felt isolated and alone, confused with my own feelings and fearful of being judged, and letting people down. I was scared to ask for help, and at times explored my sexuality in unhealthy ways longing for approval and a connection to those who may understand.

There was a constant internal battle, a feeling of being tied in knots and I never really felt I was being me. It was not until I was in my 40’s that I realised the only person placing any judgment on me and stopping me being me – was me. There was a change in direction and I came to realise the only approval I needed, was my own.


I left my career from Head of Department in a secondary school and qualified in mindfulness, bodywork and energy healing. I trained in the sacred art of tantric massage, and became one of the first 30 Energy Alignment Method (EAM) mentors in the world. With this amazing new knowledge, self-awareness and understanding came new ambition, excitement, and a whole new way of living.

With new insights, a deeper connection to me, and having emerged from my dusty closet, I I was able to celebrate me, and my sexuality.


I now educate and support others by using my experiences, skills and knowledge. No isolation, no fear, no judgement but a celebration of connection to self and an opportunity to embrace who I am by empowering others.  Understanding our sexual orientation, gender roles, sexual connection, pleasure and intimacy is fundamental to our positive mental health.

With passion, creativity and innovation I use my skills, qualities, knowledge, and zesty humour, to embrace sexuality as a beautiful and natural part of who we are.  I have empowered and inspired thousands of people to learn new things through my teaching career and continue to educate and encourage people to embrace life in many ways. I  take the taboo out of sexuality and empowering people to embrace who they really are.

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