FAQ Tantric Massage

FAQ Tantric Massage




What does a typical Tantric Massage session involve?

All sessions are designed to flow and meet your needs.  Sessions can be 1 to 4 hours in length, which includes a consultation. The session content will vary depending on the length of session booked. Sessions may include meditations, beautiful connection rituals, body honouring, breath work and a combination of bodywork and massage. I use a range of approaches and techniques allowing you to connect to your physical and energetic body. We work to release tension and access deeper energy. When the massage has finished there will be time to relax, and integrate becoming grounded before you leave.

What age do I need to be for a Tantric Massage?

To connect with a Tantric Massage you need to be over 21 years old

Is there physical contact in a Tantric Massage Session?

Yes – as long as you are open and comfortable with this then session includes touch and massage. Touch will be used as I work with your physical body and energy. However please remember at all times these sessions are about you and there are lots of things that can be explored within tantra rituals, breath work and meditations which do not involved touch.

Within the session the energy is very much about you receiving so there is no need to exchange any touch with me. If you were to move into exchanging touch this would move you away from your experience. The session is a space for you to surrender and allow yourself to receive. 

Do I need to take my clothes off in the Tantric Massage session?

All sessions are tailored to the clients needs and what is comfortable for you. When we move into massage the removal of clothing is invited. Please be aware that although touch can be felt through clothing the experience you feel within your energy will very different to that directly on the skin. Massage directly on the skin is more powerful and energy will move more freely BUT these sessions are about you. There are lots of things that can be explored within tantra rituals, breath work and meditations which do not involve you removing your clothes.

Does the Tantric Massage practitioner take their clothes off?

The journey is taken together and I feel it is very important to create a space of connection and unity and. I usually work in a sarong but again we will work within your boundaries.

What are the opening hours for Tantric Massage?

Appointments are offered during the day between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

How many Tantric Massage sessions would I need ?

Lorraine is happy to discuss this with you and the sessions will depend on your own journey.  A 3 to 4 hour session allows for a full Tantric Massage experience however it maybe that a one hour introduction or follow up sessions would be desirable for some clients depending on your journey and how you wish to use this space, time and experience.  Sessions are paid for up front but there is no obligation to book groups of sessions in advance.

Are you trained in Tantric Massage ?

I trained in Tantric Massage with the “Tantra Massage Training, Bristol, and have attended a number of weekend courses and week long two residential . I have also attended training on the trained in the wheel of consent and trauma awareness training

I am qualified in Holistic Massage, Sports Massage, Indian Head Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Advanced Techniques and Facial Massage. I also hold qualifications in working with mental health.

Can I have a Tantric Massage if I have a health condition ?

I do NOT hold any medical qualifications. It is advised client who may have an existing or suspected medical condition should consult their GP with regards to receiving any type of massage. The Tantric Massage is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Could you refuse to do a Tantric Massage for me ?

Shelki reserves the right to refuse any client whose age, intent, behaviour or appearance is not appropriate and to prevent a cross of boundaries or safety.

Is there a consultation for a Tantric Massage session?                                                             

A consultation and consent form for all sessions must be signed and will be discussed before the start of any session.  The consultation can be done online leading up to the session or in person before the session. This consultation will support what does and doesn’t happen during a session and will enable you to explore your boundaries and understand how the session may run. It is a requirement that you read and complete the consent form thoroughly and confirm your understanding and consent to the session.

Does the Tantric Massage include the genitals ?

Treatments may include genital massage, depending upon the treatment session you choose and the preferences and boundaries you state on the consent form.

As part of the massage there is an opportunity to explore and connect with all areas of the body including the genitals.   If you decide to include the genitals in your massage then it may include you receiving a Yoni (virginal), Lingam (cock) Anal and/or Prostate massage.  In any of these are included in your massage there are not expectations – it is about the journey and there is no destination.  Arousal, orgasm and ejaculation are not a destination but MAY be experienced as part of the journey.

What happens if I am not connecting with the Tantric Massage ?

The massage is always about choice and if for any reason you wish to pause, stop or finish your massage please honour yourself to do so.  Please ask Lorraine to pause or stop and she will discuss with you options within the massage or how to bring the session to a supportive completion.

Are any sexual services provided within a Tantric Massage ?

Shelki works with sexual energy but does NOT provide an sexual services.