What does a typical EAM session involve?

All sessions are designed and flow to meet your needs.  Sessions can be 1 to 4 hours in length in which you will receive a consultation.  It is advised if you are new to EAM to maybe book a 1 hour session first to ensure it is for you and then book further sessions of either an hour or longer.  The sessions can be held face-to-face or online (via zoom or messenger). Once EAM and how it works has been explained the session will focus on the chosen challenge or challenges you are facing and work with your energy to get you more in flowed and aligned to the energy of that situation.   You will he 5 step self help technique and supported to use it and understand it so you can apply it at home and in your everyday life.

Does EAM only work around sexual energy?

NO – EAM works with every emotion, belief and thought about anything in life that we find a challenge.  Lorraine has vast experience in working with clients on a wide range of challenges.

What age do I need to be for a EAM Session?

You can be any age to work with EAM. If under the age of 16 you would need to be accompanied by a guardian or parent

Is there physical contact in an EAM Session?

NO – Lorraine will hold the space and support you whether in the same room or online. You are guided you through a 5 step process to align your energy and physical contact is not required. The focus is on communication and working with your energy.

 What are the opening hours ?

Appointments are offered during the day between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

How many  EAM sessions would I need ?

This is completely up to you.  A 1 hour is suggested to start with but how many and the length of sessions is completely your choice. Lorraine can discuss with you a your first session what maybe a useful approach dependent on the issue and the session.  Sessions are aid for up front but there is no obligation to book groups of sessions in advance.

 Are you qualified in EAM ?

I have a fully trained mentor in EAM Mentor and experienced in working with a range of clients working on a range of resistances in their life.  I am one of the first 30 mentors in the world and have worked with clients one-to-one, on group programmes and online.

Can I use EAM if I have a health condition  ?

I do NOT hold any medical qualifications. There is no medical reason why you can not connect and use EAM. Some health conditions, disabilities and types of medication can require a slightly different approach but EAM can still be used with amazing results.

It is advised client who may have an existing or suspected medical condition should consult their GP around any health concerns as EAM is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Could you refuse to work with me with EAM  ?

Shelki reserves the right to refuse any client whose age, intent or behaviour is not appropriate and to prevent a cross of boundaries or safety or gives rise for concern. You may be asked to check with a GP or health provisional along side being supported with EAM.

 Is there a consultation for an EAM session?

A consultation and consent form must be signed for all sessions and will be discussed before the start of any session.  The consultation can be done leading up to the session online or in person before the session. This consultation will EAM, how the session will run and set the framework for the session  It is a requirement that you read and complete the consent form thoroughly and confirm your understanding and consent to the session.

What happens if I am not connecting with the EAM session ?

The session is about your energy and you would be encouraged to finish the session but would be your choice as to whether you followed up with more sessions.

Are any sexual services provided?

Shelki works with sexual energy but does NOT provide any sexual services.