Sexual Energy Mastery

Own Your Uniqueness

5th  April – 28th May 2021

8 Week Group Programme of Self-Connection, Self-Discovery And Expansion Into Your Unique Sexual Energy

Everything you have been taught is old thinking!

Discover the truth about your sexual energy and connect with your true sexual essence.


56 days of self discovery and connection.

Weekly interactive teaching in Zoom for 2 hours per week (taking place every Thursday 7-9pm. The first teach on 8th April).

Weekly group Q&A connection call (taking place every Tuesday 7-8pm. The first Q&A on 6th April).

Daily meditations.

Private online support in a closed Facebook Group.

90 minute 1-2-1 mentoring session.

Bonus of 25% discount on any further mentoring calls within the time of the programme.


TOTAL VALUE – £1,588

For over two decades I struggled with depression, anxiety, fear, guilt and shame.  After a long journey of self -discovery I realised that at the core of my despair and misery was a life-long struggle with my sexuality, sensuality and sexual energy. Recognising this changed my life beyond all recognition. 

Sexual energy is your birth right and should not be suppressed, ignored, seen as taboo or shameful.  Discover and connect to your sexual energy and change your relationship with yourself and others, and indeed change your life.

I have helped people struggling with issues such as relationships, body trauma, abuse, medical conditions, sexuality.  For many teaching them how to understand and embrace sexual energy has been profoundly life changing.


What Clients Are Saying

“Excellent content, delivered in a combination of mindful, restful and yet thought provoking way by a lady who clearly knows her stuff and has empathy with her audience…”  James

“Brilliant, professional and fun”  Geoff

“I thoroughly enjoy your style of presentation… deliver with humour… preaching just encouragement. The space felt very safe and supportive and even though we were only a group for four weeks it was easy to get to know others…. I felt that you enabled us to be open and honest”  Sandy

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the most inclusive learning experience I have had outside school. The content was user-friendly without being too fluffy. Delivered in a warm, friendly, supportive way, using a nice mixture of the ethereal and the practical”. Craig

“I absolutely loved it. The course was well thought through with a different theme each week. I loved the mix of activities, meditations and discussion”  Helen Jane