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Eleven Pillars to Empowerment is here to empower you to flatten fear, shake shame, tackle taboos and march through myths and misconceptions that stop you living your true life.
Your Sexual energy is one of the most natural expressions of who you are.
You are a unique sexual human being with your own sexuality, sensuality and sexual energy. 
You have a physical body designed for sexual pleasure. 
You have a mind designed to create fantasies and desires.
 You have a heart designed for connection to another human being.
Sexual Mastery is for the experienced or experimental, curious or connected, sexual or spiritual, fun or fantasy, quirky or kinky. This is for you!
Come and explore, expand and embrace Eleven Pillars to empowerment and own your sexuality, sensuality and  sexual energy and live your own empowered life.


The Protection Blueprint

The blueprint that protects all relationships is boundaries  and communication.

This masterclass provides a guide to consent and communicating your boundaries. Packed full of tips, tools and techniques  to empower you to understand aspects of consent, boundaries and communication. This masterclass is the blueprint to ALL relationships in your life.

 Tuesday 20th April 2021
 7:00pm til 8:30pm
 LIVE on Zoom

Investment: £43


 Saturday 15th May 2021            10.00am til 3.30pm            LIVE on Zoom
 Gain a deeper understanding of the pleasure of pleasure. Explore how the senses can build greater connection to everything around you and how you can get creative and  transform your sexual explorations.
This fantastic masterclass bundle gives you three of the pillars to empowerment delivered in one amazing day.
Each individual pillar is 90 minutes including Q&A’s, break and lunch.

The Magical Pleasure Connector – The magic of sexual empowerment is connecting to the body and all its pleasures. The abracadabra of self pleasure, orgasms and erogenous zones.

The Open Elevator – Elevating your senses to open up new possibilities in intimacy and other areas of life. Lift the senses to elevate your intimacy and relationships.

The Transformation Energiser  – Energising sexual explorations transform intimacy with creativity  Adult toys, creativity and play to energise and transform sex.

Investment: £97


 Saturday 12th June 2021            10.00am til 3.30pm            LIVE on Zoom

A practical masterclass  covering mindfulness, breath and touch. You will learn techniques that to support you in intimacy, self pleasure and life in generally.  These life changing skills will give you greater awareness of body, mind and soul and build your confidence and self esteem.

This life changing msterclass bundle gives you three of the pillars to empowerment delivered in one amazing day. Each individual pillar is 90 minutes including Q&A’s, break and lunch.

The Mindfulness Monitor – Monitoring your own wellbeing and the mind body connection. Mindfulness and meditation techniques to support sexual empowerment.

The Energy Equation – The body is fuelled by breath and breath fuels the body for pleasure. Breathwork for all areas of your life including intimacy and self pleasure.

The Nurture Nourisher – The nurture of touch is a basic and essential human need for survival. Nourish and pleasure your body with touch through, massage, self-touch and nature.

Investment: £97


 Saturday 10th July 2021            10.00am til 3:30pm            LIVE on Zoom

Understanding your own sexual energy, sensuality and sexual energy will open up a whole new world of possibilities. Unlocking your desires, understanding the energy in the body and really loving your sexual self will empower you with life changing insights. This masterclass package explores three of the amazing pillars to empowerment

This epic masterclass bundle gives you three of the pillars to empowerment delivered in one amazing day. Each individual pillar is 90 minutes including Q&A’s, break and lunch.

The Keys of Exploration – Explore your own sexual energy and discover the key to sexual empowerment. Unlock your sexual needs, wants and desires.

The Whole-Body Balance – The whole-body is a balance of masculine, feminine, male and female. Balance your energy of the  masculine and feminine and connect to the energy of the genitals.

The Self-Love Expressor – Expressing self-love is at the heart of sexual empowerment. A deep focus on healing the heart and self love.

Investment: £97


The Reality Reflector

Reflecting on your own sexual journey to empower you to move forward.

The reality of societal and social conditioning  has an impact on sexual energy. There is so much fear, shame, taboo and misconception about sex. This safe space explore some of the obstacles and ways to overcome them and improve your sexual energy and relationships.

Tuesday 3rd August 2021
7:00pm til 8:30pm
 LIVE on Zoom

Investment: £43

What Clients Are Saying

“Excellent content, delivered in a combination of mindful, restful and yet thought provoking way by a lady who clearly knows her stuff and has empathy with her audience…”  James

“Brilliant, professional and fun”  Geoff

“I thoroughly enjoy your style of presentation… deliver with humour… preaching just encouragement. The space felt very safe and supportive and even though we were only a group for four weeks it was easy to get to know others…. I felt that you enabled us to be open and honest”  Sandy

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the most inclusive learning experience I have had outside school. The content was user-friendly without being too fluffy. Delivered in a warm, friendly, supportive way, using a nice mixture of the ethereal and the practical”. Craig

“I absolutely loved it. The course was well thought through with a different theme each week. I loved the mix of activities, meditations and discussion”  Helen Jane