Sexual energy is an important part of who we are and our relationship with it impacts on every area of our life. Many of us in our life can experience some kind of sexual disempowerment or negative sexual experiences. This can  disconnect us from our body and shut down our sexual energy and our relationship with it.

We are all energy and a product of our positive and negative life experiences. Often we do not realise the impact life events can have on us and how they can imprint into our energy. It can create negative emotions such as fear, shame, guilt and self judgement and create resistance in how we think, feel and act.

The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) is a five step self-help technique based in a foundation of energy medicine, neuroscience research, the Law of Attraction and Traditional Chinese medicine. The approach combines principles from Kinesiology, neuro linguistic programming and positive psychology.

EAM can be used if you are in a place of fear, shame and judgement, feel broken, have resistance and barriers blocking your relationship with yourself and others. It can change  anything holding you back in life by releasing emotional pain, memories, unconscious thoughts and trauma. It changes the energy that is not serving us, lets it go and helps us push reset.  It positively aligns your thoughts, believes and emotions to help us life a life in flow.

Shelki  works with all genders and sexualities, supporting challenges  around medical conditions, mental health conditions, sexual phobias, sexual additions, survivors of abuse, confidence and self esteem and more…..

EAM has been part of my life for over 4 years. It gave me the confidence to explore my own sexual energy and sexuality and indeed the very reason I am here with you now. I am one of the first 30 EAM mentors in the world and have worked with individuals and groups supporting 100’s of people to change their life.

We are all energy, nothing is static, everything can change. The realm of self discovery creates new possibilities.




“Lorraine is intuitive and passionate about championing others. Her honesty, willingness to be open and vulnerable and her straight talking make her stand out in a hugely positive way. She is warm, honest, sensitive, has a great sense of humour” Su Winsbury

“Lorri is extremely intuitive and stands out because she is accepting of all and helps all those around her. She is open, transparent caring and an all-round very, very lovely and loving person” Stephanie Thompson

“Thank you. You are really intuitive, you have a way of ‘seeing’ someone and knowing what is going on underneath in ways other people might not spot. You stand out for your very realness and being very warm, open and massively generous hearted, with a brilliant cheeky twinkle” Fiona Whitfield


Sessions: 121 – 90 mins/2 hours

OR   VIP  3- 4 hours