The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) is a self help technique for those looking for a practical way to change your life.

It is truly transformational and allows you to easily tune into your own energy and get clarity on the underlying issue. You can work on thoughts, beliefs and soooo much more….

You can discover what is holding you back in your energy relating to sexual connection and let go of worry and overwhelm, emotional pain, memories and traumatic experiences.

EAM can get you more connected to where you want to be and enables you to feel incredible. You can be empowered and discover how to be more connected tot you, and feel more confident with more self worth and self awareness.

This self help method is based on a foundation of energy medicine, neuroscience research, the Law of Attraction and Traditional Chinese medicine. The approach combines principles from Kinesiology, neuro linguistic programming and positive psychology.

You can release what is holding you back, you then choose to create and connect to new feeling, thought, belief, pattern or emotion.  As you start to connect more you will feel more empowered, and will be able to change what you think and how you feel.

Create more connection and depth in your relationships, and experience more love and happiness.

I have been on my own journey with EAM its enable me to be here to support others struggling with their sexual energy, sexuality and more. It has given me strength, hope and above all more self connection and self awareness and to understand that everything is energy and therefore nothing has to stay he same .


Sessions: 121 – 90 mins/2 hours

OR   VIP  3- 4 hours