A transformational massage technique that gives you space to surrender to the senses. You can let go of stress, physical and emotional pain, overwhelm and trauma. By opening up to sensuality you can discover and unlock what is holding you back. You can explore thoughts, beliefs and emotions and become more in flow with life.  You can be mindful with all the senses and explore your physical and energetic self.


The Sensuality Massage is a mindful and connecting experience. Its helps to:

  • connects you to your physical and energetic body .
  • develops a more positive relationship with yourself and others
  • provides a safe space and an opportunity to explore your boundaries,
  • develops a deeper understanding of consent and communication,
  • builds confident,
  • gives greater self worth, and self esteem
  • gives a deeper connection and control in life.
  • Better flow with sexual energy
  • Heal past relationships /trauma

You maybe explore  the senses by being blindfolded or have our wrists restrained, your skin  may connect with different textures or your ears connect to different sounds, or even explore taste. The  opportunities are endless and open to be explored and adapted. This massage can be playful, spiritual, soulful, healing and energetic.

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Sessions: 121 – 90 mins/2 hours

OR   VIP  3- 4 hours