A transformational self help technique can help you to change your life and discover what is holding you back. This 5 step process helps you let go of stress, physical an emotional pain, overwhelm, memories and traumatic experiences around anything in life, including sexual energy.  You can change your energy, be more in flow, more confident, have greater self worth and manifest the life you want the way for want it.

The energy alignment method empowers you to shift and change energy, feel more disconnected and happier and more in control. Life flows more easily through this five step, self help approach that can assist you in changing thoughts, beliefs and emotions. It can release stress, overwhelm, fear and so much more. The approach uses a range of concepts and creates powerful changes through a process that can be used every day.

This simple 5 step process is speedy in raising your energy, aligning heart and keeping you more in flow. It works on a spiritual, mental, emotional or physical level clearing resistance in your energy

Would you like to have more:

  • energy flow with your body
  • positive thoughts and beliefs
  • positive relationship with yourself
  • positive relationships with others
  • confidence and self-esteem
  • positive behaviors
  • flow and connection with sexual energy
  • flow in healing past relationships
  • flow in healing past trauma
  • visibility about your needs, wants and desires

Release all the resistance in your energy that is holding you back and live each day more in-flow and more tuned into your hearts desires and wants.


Sessions: 121 – 90 mins/2 hours

OR   VIP  3- 4 hours ( online or in person )


Lorraine is a trained mentor in the Energy Alignment Method and has mentored and supported people from a different backgrounds through a range of challenging personal circumstances.  She is also qualified in Reiki and Rahanni and works intuitively with energy