What Qualifications does Lorri have?

Lorri has a real passion for teaching and learning and is constantly studying to develop her skills and knowledge. Her qualifications and training span over many areas of education and well-being . In education Lorri has a BA Hons in Lifelong Learning, Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and Train the Trainer. She is also a qualified Mindfulness Coach, Massage Practitioner and Energy Healer. She has trained in many massage techniques including Holistic, Indian Head, Sports and Tantric Massage. Her energy work includes training in Rahanni, Reiki and Crystal Healing. She is also one of the first 30 trained mentors in the Energy Alignment Method and continues her professional development with training courses throughout the year.

What if I dont know what help I need?

If what you have read on the website resonates with you then you are in the right place. Lorri is happy to talk with you an a FREE 15 minute Clarity Call to see if, and how, she can support you or your organisation. Please use the contact form provided and Lorri will be in touch.

Where is Shelki based?

Shelki is based in Wateringbury, Kent and Lorri uses her beautiful cabin to facilitate her one to one massages and healing. The cabin is also used for small group work and workshops, along with private events by external organisers. There is plenty of parking both onsite and roadside.

Lorri also travels around Kent, and further, working with groups, organisations and schools delivery talks, workshops and programmes.

There is also the option of facilitating the Energy Alignment Method on Skype or Zoom using the internet. Lorri has support many clients in this way and it is a very successful.

Why is it called the Hara Project?

Why is it called the Hara Project ?

The Hara is located at the belly and abdomen and located midway between the top of the pubic bone and the navel, approximately two to three inches behind the lower abdominal wall. It is our self- awareness, spiritual and energy centre, inner strength, intuition (gut instinct), inner intelligence and creativity. It is also known as, the ‘sea of energy’.


Embrace your sexuality by working with your energy to discover what is stopping you from embracing the real you. Five simple self help steps that can change your energy and your life.


Embrace your sexuality by receiving Shelki Healing. A healing approach that combines the physical, energetic and spiritual through breath, energy and bodywork.


Sexuality for All

The Hara Project allows people to celebrate sexuality as a natural and healthy part of life. It supports and empowers through creativity, energy, spirituality and self-connection.