THE HARA PROJECT supports both young people (approx 14-20 year old) and teachers with aspects of consent, boundaries, communication and pleasure, and supports sex education in schools.

This project is not the normal fear based sex education talk about the do’s and dont’s around sex.   NO – NO – NO – the workshops are fun, interactive, explorative and thought provoking.  The workshops cover the topics of consent, boundaries, communication and pleasure. The workshops are aimed at both young people and teachers. Please see my blog on THE HARA PROJECT for more information.


URU Project works in partnerships with organisations supporting sex addicts and offenders. This project offers workshops on consent, boundaries and communication along with sessions on self awareness, mindfulness and mediation and energy alignment method supporting people with a five stereo self help technique to help them understand their beliefs, thoughts and emotions and be more in flow



Lorraine is passionate about her work and loves inspiring others with her story. Lorraine welcomes speaking opportunities at events, on radio , networking and in schools, prisons and all related groups and organisations,.

Lorraine holds a wide range of qualifications in training, teaching, health and social, mental health, healing modalities and massage. She has a degree in life long learning, qualified teacher status, and a wide range of other qualifications which support her work. Lorraine has trained in public speaking and is qualified to teach young people and adults.