I am proud to announce THE HARA PROJECT I have been working on is nearly ready. I am so excited. This project supports both young people (approx 14-20 year old) and teachers with aspects of consent, boundaries, communication and pleasure, and supports sex education in schools.

Sex is an important part of life, we all deserve exciting, fulfilling and healthy relationships – BUT we are letting our young people down because of our fear as adults.

This project is not the normal fear based sex education talk about the do’s and dont’s around sex.   NO – NO – NO – the workshops are fun, interactive, explorative and thought provoking.  The workshops cover the topics of consent, boundaries, communication and pleasure. The workshops are aimed at young people BUTand very importantly, also designed for teachers.

The same workshops can be delivered to teachers allowing them to gain confidence in exploring these topics, be experimental with the activities and develop knowledge and understanding. A further ‘Talk Teaching’ workshop then provides support, discussions and an opportunity to plan and adapt all the content from the workshops to create their own workshops. Teachers are encouraged to plan with colleagues using all the content from the workshops, their own collective ideas and design their workshops to meet the needs of the young people they work with.

These workshops are vital for both young people and teachers -. 2004 was the last update of the current curriculum, which is far from serving our young people in todays changing world. It is not aligned to modern life and currently only compulsory in local authorities – many children are missing out.

There are many new issues for young people and teachers to deal with such as online safety, sexting, consent and LGBTQA sexuality. None of which are in the current curriculum and all relate to issues around consent, boundaries and communication. In December 2018, it was announced in Parliament there would be a reform on sex and relationships education in schools so lets hope the content is very different to that which I taught when I was a middle leader and teacher in secondary education. The curriculum I worked with came from a place of fear and was often based around naming parts of the genitals, the biology of conception, sexually transmitted infections and contraception – focusing on how to put a condom on a plastic penis or a banana. Where is the part about how amazing relationships, sex, intimacy and pleasure can be?

I am not sure about you  – most of the knowledge based learning I had at school I have never really used – other than to pass an exam.

However, most of us as adults have probably had some form of relationship which involved some level of intimacy, pleasure and sex. We have fumbled our sexual encounters hoping we were getting it right and learning by our mistakes. We have experienced different kinds of relationships, all of which required communication, boundaries and consent. If only we had understood more before we got there……

Young people have often been educated about sex through the TV, the internet and all different forms of social media. They have been exposed with misrepresented, and unrealistic images about what a healthily relationships, or good sex, is. Parents do there best to explain what they can (as our parents did) and those teachers who do try to teach sex education, through not fault of their own, are often leaving young people with more questions than they answered,

We need to do something – we are letting our young people down by not ensuring they understand about topics such as consent, boundaries, communication, intimacy and pleasure.

Why are these topics still such a taboo when they are vital part of healthy relationships and something most of us as want in our life.

This is all so important 

Consent, boundaries and communication impact on all area of our life and these workshops provide tools for life –  not just for sex. They workshops build communication skills, confidence, self-awareness, respect, resilience and so much more.

Young people are being let down because we are not having the right discussions and allowing exploration around topics such as consent, boundaries, emotions, pleasure, intimacy and relationships.

Teachers are being let down by the number of obstacles in delivering sex education and the serious lack of support and training in teaching all the different aspects.

Senior leadership are being let down by lack of support from the government and are scared of getting it wrong and upsetting parents which means the whole system within schools devalues its importance.


Watch this space for more details about these fun, interactive, explorative and thought provoking workshops.  Please message me if you would like further information for your school please email: or contact me here

Sex is an important part of life, we all deserve exciting, fulfilling and healthy relationships – lets not let our young people down because of our fear as adults.


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